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Radiance A3 Smartwatch Review
Radiance A3 Smartwatch Review

The Audiance A3 Smartwatch is a beautifully designed timepiece that offers a range of features to help you stay connected and organized. Whether you’re looking for a fitness companion, productivity tool, or just a stylish way to keep track of your day, the A3 has something to offer. Keep reading for our full review!

why did we buy the radiance a3 smartwatch?

We wanted a smartwatch, but we didn’t want to spend a lot of money. So when we saw that the Radiance Smartwatch was on sale at an unbeatable price, we had to pick one up! We already had great experiences with the company in the past – their customer service is exemplary and their products are generally well-made.

The A3 seemed like a good option because it looked nice enough to wear every day, has all of the features you’d expect from a smartwatch for less than half the price of much higher-end models, and uses popular applications like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger – meaning there’s always an opportunity to connect with friends when not right by your phone.

what did you think when you first saw the product?

When we first came across the watch, we were pretty excited! The design is very sleek and it looks great on our wrist (which is saying something as we tend to be incredibly picky about such things).

We love that there are different color options – black with rose gold accents or silver with dark brown. This model also has a built-in camera which seems like a nice feature, although we haven’t actually tried it out yet.

What did you think when you first saw the packaging?

The packaging was simple and elegant: a sleek white box adorned only with logos and necessary information. We appreciated that they didn’t go overboard on their logo placement or feel the to decorate every inch of the box.

Opening up the box, we were greeted with a gentle waft of cedar – we love when we get to open pretty new items and this was no exception! It also included all of the necessities: charging cable, quick start guide, and our sleek little smartwatch.

How did the Radiance A3 Smartwatch works?

The setup was pretty simple – just charge the watch and download the app from either Google Play or iTunes depending on your phone model.

We paired it with an iPhone and had some trouble at first getting it to connect via Bluetooth (apparently iPhones can sometimes be frustrating like that).

A customer service representative helped us figure out what was going wrong and once we got it paired, it worked like a charm! The interface is nice and intuitive – the app is set up just like other social media apps which seems to make it more accessible for people who are already comfortable with them.

We’ve been having fun customizing our profile picture, adding new watch faces (which were pretty difficult to find at first…), and generally getting used to having notifications pop up on our wrist instead of taking out our phone every five minutes!

What did you think about the design?

The design of this smartwatch is probably where we love it most. The straps are comfortable yet sturdy, while the face itself doesn’t look quite as bulky as some other versions on the market.

It’s not incredibly heavy but still feels substantial enough that grabbing a pack from the grocery store checkout wouldn’t be an issue. It’s also super easy to pop the bands off and switch them out for something else – if you don’t like the rose gold look, you can pick up a different silver one on Amazon or eBay.

Experience with customer service?

Radiance has some of the best customer services we’ve ever experienced. We had a lot of trouble getting started at first because our laptop wouldn’t recognize the watch via Bluetooth (apparently iPhone users have similar issues sometimes) but their support team responded quickly and helped us get everything sorted out!.

They were very knowledgeable about all things tech-related and walked us through any questions that came up. The only hiccup was during shipping…it took longer than expected to get here, but that may have been because of customs or the postal service.

what are the downsides?

One downside is that there aren’t many watch faces to choose from yet – although we’ve seen some apps pop up recently so hopefully, they will be more readily available soon!

We also wish there was an asleep tracker built-in (although again, this doesn’t seem to be super common with smartwatches so maybe it’s better than most). The other downside…it’s very difficult to find ones in stock anywhere.

We were fortunate to snag one on Amazon before they sold out and now they’re pretty much all gone everywhere else! It seems like Radiance just started selling them last month but already everyone’s jumped on the bandwagon which makes them hard to come by.

We’re just glad we got one while they were still in stock but if you’re looking for a new smartwatch, it might be worth setting up an alert with your favorite retailers because you never know when they’ll be back!

Who would you recommend this product to?

We think pretty much anyone would enjoy this gadget as long as they’re willing to pay a decent price for it! It’s super convenient and very aesthetically pleasing which is a hard combination to find these days.

The only people we see not enjoying this are those who want a bunch of apps or playful/colorful watch faces right out of the box. It’s definitely a more grown-up smartwatch and if you’re looking for something simple and elegant, this is it!

What other gadgets would go well with the a3?

We’ve seen a lot of people pair their A3s with iPhones so we’d have to agree – they look beautiful together! We think those who own an iPhone might appreciate this as a little treat but maybe not use it every day (since all the apps are geared towards iOS).

Android users might enjoy using it on the go or for short periods of time but probably wouldn’t want to wear it 24/7 since there aren’t as many integrations with Android systems at the moment.

This will probably change in the coming months and we can’t wait to see what developers come up with!

Is this worth the purchase Radiance A3 Smartwatch?

It’s definitely a pricey item (at around $300) but we wouldn’t say it’s completely out of reach…especially if you use it every day! All the features make it pretty versatile and help you get more done before needing to pick up your phone.

It will probably be cheaper once they’re on sale so keep an eye out for that! In our personal opinion, we think the A3 is well worth its price tag especially if you have been wanting a new smartwatch or happen to love technology.


Sleek design

Great for fitness tracking

Notifications, alerts, and phone calls all on your wrist

Ability to easily switch watchfaces (available pre-installed or download from app store)

Can track walks, runs, work out and more


Limited apps/watchfaces make it not as playful as other smartwatches we’ve seen

No sleep tracker


What is the product dimensions?

Dimensions are 11.8 x 11.8 x 10.4 cm (not including strap)

What colors does it come in?

It’s available in black, white and gold!

Is this product water resistant?

It has an IP67 rating so should be able to withstand accidental splashes but prolonged exposure to water will damage the watch. We wouldn’t recommend using it for swimming or showering purposes.

Does it need charging often?

The battery life lasts up to 2 days without needing a recharge but if you use all of its features heavily then you may find yourself wanting to charge it every day or every other day depending on how much you use it/how busy your schedule is.

Where is Radiance A3 Smartwatch manufactured?


Does it work with iOS or Android? It currently only works with iOS but we should point out that the makers are working on making it compatible with Android smartwatches in the near future! We’re excited to see what they come up with.

Can you download apps/watch faces for Radiance A3 Smartwatch?

Yes, there are a variety of watch faces and apps available –

some are free, some not. Check out our suggested apps below!

What is included in the box when you purchase this?

The A3 Smartwatch, charging cable & manual, extra watchband…pretty much everything you’ll need to get started minus your phone.

No worries though because the watch requires your iPhone to be fully functional!


This product is definitely worth the price tag! It’s packed with features, looks very sleek and stylish, and is well-built. If you’re interested in buying this item or want to learn more about it, visit their official website here.

For those who own an Android smartwatch: we know how important sleep tracking can be so we’ll keep our eyes peeled for future updates.

For now, try downloading a third-party app like SleepBot which uses your phone as a tracker instead (you still need your phone nearby).

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