How To Change Time on Armirtron Watch|| Easy And Simple

Armitron is a great digital sport watch brand. It comes in a variety of styles and can be worn by both men and women. Like other digital timepieces, Armitron watches are equipped with some basic functions such as an alarm and timer. 

If you have a new Armitron watch, the first thing you must do is enter the correct date and time before you start wearing it.

Therefore, understanding how to adjust the time on an Arminton watch is crucial. The procedure for setting the time on both an analog and a digital Arminton watch is detailed below.
So without wasting your precious time. Let’s get started.

How to change the time on Armitron watch?

Follow the steps below in the Armitron Pro Sport watch manual to set the time:

1. Identify Watch Buttons

There are four buttons on your watch.

  • The top left button (A) is “Reset”
  • The button (D) in the upper right corner is ST/STP, which stands for start and stops.
  • The bottom left button (B) is “Mode.”
  • The button (C) in the lower right corner activates the light.

2. Hold the Reset Button

To start setting the time, press and hold the reset button (A) until you hear a beep.

Three of the four screens on the watch will start flashing. This means you are ready to set the time.

3. Press the Mode Button

Press the lower left button (B) mode to access the hour setting.

Note that pressing this button will not actually change the hour, but the hour side of the time display will start flashing. This indicates that you are ready to proceed to the next step to set the hours.

4. Use ST/STP to Adjust the Hour

Press ST/STP button (D) to change hours.

Each time the button is pressed, the hour increments until it reaches 12 o’clock, after which it restarts from 1 o’clock.

Press the Mode button (B) again to set hours. When you do this, the hour end will stop flashing and the minutes will be ready to be set.

5. Use ST/STP to Adjust the Minutes

Press the upper right ST/STP button (D) to increment minutes.

Minutes increment by 1 each time the button is pressed.

Once your watch is set to the correct time, press the reset button in the upper left corner (A) to set the minutes.

How to Add Multiple Time Zones:

If you need to know the time in multiple time zones while traveling, you can set the time in a different time zone on your watch.

Follow the steps below to set extra time:

  • To enter second-time zone mode, press the mode button 3 times.
  • Press the reset button. The hour icon will start flashing.
  • Press ST/STP button to change hours.
  • When you have set the correct hour, press the mode button again. This will set the hour and allow you to change the minutes. The minute icon will start flashing.
  • Press the ST/STP button again to increment the minutes.
  • After selecting the correct number of minutes, press the reset button to set the time.
  • Press the mode button to return to your primary time zone.

How to Change the Time on an Armitron Analog Watch:

Follow the steps below in the Armitron analog watch manual to set the time:

1. Identify Crown Position

The crown can be pulled into three positions:

    A. Neutral: This is the normal operating position.
    B. Position to set the date: For watches with a date window.
    C. Position to set the time.

2. Pull the Crown Out

To change or set time, pull the crown out until it is in position C. The second hand will stop moving. Turn the crown forward or backward until the time is correct.

3. Push Crown Back In

Push the crown back to position A to resume timing. You should see the second hand start moving again.

Source: Ethan Gaskin

How to change time on Armitron watch wr165ft:

(Armitron pro sport watch wr165ft manual)

The Armitron WR165 is a digital sports watch that comes with 4 buttons on the corner. Watch functionality is controlled by these four buttons. Time and date we can change from these.

Step 1:

To set the time on the Armitron WR165, first press the top left button which is marked as “A”.

Step 2:

Press the top right button Labeled as C to reset the seconds. 

Step 3:

Press “B” on the bottom left, then “C” to set the correct hour. Press “B” and “C” again to set minutes and dates.



What should I do if I cannot change the time on my Armitron watch?

If you cannot change the time on your Armitron watch, you may need to replace the battery or you should contact customer service for assistance.


With these simple instructions, you should now know how to change the time on your Armitron watch. This process is easy to follow and only takes a few minutes to complete. Whether you need to adjust the time for daylight savings or simply want to keep the time accurate, changing the time on your Armitron watch is a quick and easy task.

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